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Marriage Preparation


You have discovered that there are many arrangements to make for your wedding day.  The most important are: the requirements of the Church and planning the liturgy. Marriage is a Sacrament, it is important for Catholics to approach God in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) before celebrating their marriage. You can also ask the pastor for individual dispensations for the wedding Mass to satisfy the Sunday obligation.

The Church requires that you take a preparation course.  'Catholic Marriage Preparation' is offered in Timmins. Please call Registration Couple Dana or Brian Perreault at 705-267-3668.. Starting time is 7:30 pm Friday; closing time is at 7:00 pm Saturday. 

The financial requirements are: a stipend of $250.00 paid to the church and $100.00 per couple for the preparation.

Documents that are needed by the pastor for Catholics are a Baptism and Confirmation certificate issued to you no more than six (6) months before your wedding date. For a Non-Catholic party, a Baptismal certificate; if that is not available then birth certificate is required, as well as proof of no previous marriage.

Note: Your wedding date is tentative until the pastor is satisfied that all the requirements of the Church and civil law are fulfilled, all fees have been paid and Church approval has been given.

If desired, it is your responsibility to arrange for music and the remuneration. You may contact Mrs. Rosanne Simunovic 264-0358, Mrs. Lauri-Ann Neal 268-5863 or Mrs. Chantal Delorme 264-0471 to arrange the music; or if you wish you may make other arrangements.  A wedding is primarily about the worship of God so secular (non-Church) music is not used during a Catholic wedding. 

You have a lifetime ahead of you to share and grow together and all these preparations will help you to make a happy start.  May God bless you as you plan for this important day, and may He continue to bless you all the days of your life.