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Parish Bulletin

2nd Week in Lent

February 28, 2021

PARISH OFFICE HOURS: Please call Fr. John or see him after Mass for any office matters. 
SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: Fr. John is usually available thirty minutes before weekday Mass to celebrate reconciliation or by appointment.
BAPTISM: Call the Parish Office to register for the next preparation course.
MARRIAGE: Contact Fr. John at least six months before your anticipated date of marriage.
PRIESTHOOD: If you would like further information about becoming a priest, brother, or sister contact Fr. John or visit www.vocations.ca
SICK CALLS: If you know of a parishioner who is hospitalized or unable to attend Mass and would like to receive Holy Communion please call the Parish Office.
HOSPITAL VISITATION: If you or a loved one is in the hospital and would appreciate a pastoral visit from Fr. John please call the rectory.
E-BULLETIN: For those who wish to receive an electronic copy of the bulletin each Friday in their inbox, email frjohnlemire2@gmail.com and request to be added to the e-bulletin list. 
WEEKLY COLLECTION UPDATE: February 21st: $1875.00. Weekly Budget: $2350.00.  Difference: - $475.00.  Renovation Fund: $250.00. Thank you for your generous support. 
SANCTUARY CANDLE INTENTION: For the special intentions of Helen.
SANCTUARY CANDLE: Each week we invite you to light the sanctuary lamp in memory of a loved one or for a special intention. The cost is $20.00 and you may drop the donation off at the rectory or place it in the collection with the information enclosed. We are in need of intentions for April onward.
SCRIPTURE REFLECTION: “Here I am!’ he answered.” (Genesis 22:11) It is easy to say, “Here I am, Lord,” when we are kneeling in church.  But how easy is it to say “Here I am, Lord,” when a neighbor needs our help, when we are invited to join a parish ministry, or when we are asked to provide financial support?  Often times we are called when it’s not convenient for us.  Discipleship is not always easy, most of the time it will make us uncomfortable and vulnerable. (from the Saint Louis Archdiocese Stewardship Office)
HOW TO E-TRANSFER: For those who wish to donate to the Parish by e-transfer, use the email “sacredheart296@eastlink.ca” and the security / password “sacredheart”. Thank you for your support!
FOR THOSE UNABLE TO ATTEND MASS ... SPIRITUAL COMMUNION PRAYER: My Jesus, I believe that you are in the Blessed Sacrament. I love you above all things, and I long for you in my soul. Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. As though you have already come, I embrace you and unite myself entirely to you; never permit me to be separated from you. Amen.
DAILY MASS: You can follow Cardinal Collins’ Mass at www.stmichaelscathedral.com/live or the Daily TV Mass at www.youtube.com/dailytvmass
LENTEN PASTORAL LETTER: Bishop Poitras’ 2021 Lenten Pastoral Letter has now been published. This year’s message is entitled “Pandemic and Faith Life: It is good to hope in silence for the Lord’s deliverance.”  It is a timely reflection on the times we are living and how the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love can guide us. The letter is available on our website as well as our social media platforms.
Let us pray that we may experience the Sacrament of Reconciliation with renewed depth, to taste the infinite mercy of God. 
Preghiamo affinché viviamo il sacramento della riconciliazione con una rinnovata profondità, per gustare l'infinita misericordia di Dio. 
FRIDAYS OF LENT: Each Friday during Lent, Mass will be celebrated at 7:00 P.M. followed by praying the Stations of the Cross. This is a beautiful Lenten devotion that the whole family can participate in and a great way to enter into this sacred season.  Please join us!
UPDATE ON COVID PROTOCOLS: Beginning January 1st updated protocols were mandated by the Ontario Bishops to ensure the safety of all. Masks are required for all unless one has a written exemption from a designed medical professional. (Written exemptions need to be presented in advance.) Additionally, face shields and / or plastic masks are no longer a replacement for a face mask.
At Communion time, please remember to keep your mask on until after you have received Holy Communion and have stepped aside to one of the distancing markers. At that point, you can remove your mask, consume Holy Communion, put your mask back on, and then return to your pew. Please do not lower your mask before you step aside from Fr. John.
PARENTING TIP: The amount of time spent together as a family during COVID might be considered by some to be too much, but it may also be filling a real need. Past research has shown that children consistently identify a desire to spend more time with their parents and family. Time for them means direct, active engagement. The long-term benefits to family relationships are proven: children grow up healthier in mind, body and spirit. Enjoying quality time with their family’s means children are more likely to turn to their family for love and support, keeping them healthy. So play with your kids, watch a movie together and discuss its message(s), pray together, be active together, cook together and/or clean together; the possibilities are endless. So remember, time with family is powerful when it is interactive, shared by all and fun!  (from the Diocese of Hamilton’s Family Ministry Office)
2020  2021 DIOCESAN PRIORITY: “A personal relationship with Christ through the Sacraments” 
Reflect on the place of the Eucharist in my personal life. 
Look at how I receive communion. 
Re-read Chapter 6 of the Gospel of Saint John. 
Re-read the Bishop’s Pastoral Letter ‘Do This in Memory of Me’. 
In what way is the Eucharist a memorial of the sacrifice of Christ?  The Eucharist is a memorial in the sense that it makes present and actual the sacrifice which Christ offered to the Father on the cross, once and for all on behalf of mankind. The sacrificial character of the Holy Eucharist is manifested in the very words of institution, “This is my Body which is given for you” and “This cup is the New Covenant in my Blood that will be shed for you” (Luke 22:19-20). The sacrifice of the cross and the sacrifice of the Eucharist are one and the same sacrifice. The priest and the victim are the same; only the manner of offering is different: in a bloody manner on the cross, in an unbloody manner in the Eucharist. (Compendium, 280)
PASTOR’S MESSAGE: It was a joy to “re-open” last Tuesday and have parishioners back in the pews to worship with us. We had 40 parishioners join us on Saturday evening and 55 parishioners on Sunday morning. We still have room to accommodate parishioners at both Masses and we are ready to welcome you when you feel comfortable.
Unfortunately, not all was joyful last weekend. On Saturday morning I discovered we had a flood overnight in the men’s bathroom and hall. Both had a few inches of water. Thankfully the flood was contained to these two areas. With the amount of water that had accumulated, we called Paul Davis Systems. They quickly responded that morning and cleaned up the water and ran fans to begin to dry the place. Our insurance company (Catholic Mutual Group) was notified and a claim was opened. 
Additionally, late Saturday afternoon before Mass, I discovered that the Church was cooler than normal and found that the boiler system was not working properly. Thanks to the work later that evening, by Action Refrigeration, they were able to identify that the ignitor was not working properly. It was replaced and the boilers were working again to full steam.
Beginning on Monday and lasting until Thursday, Paul Davis Systems was here and removed the damaged drywall throughout the hall, hallway, and both bathrooms. They also removed all the floor tiles in the hall as they were beginning to lift.
At this point we are awaiting two local contractors to submit bids for the restoration work to our insurance company. Once received, I will meet with the insurance company to go over the bids as well as review the next steps of the process to restore the hall and bathrooms. 
In anticipation of these next steps, I have put together an ad hoc committee to assist me through this process. I am grateful to Dan Roy who will assist me with the technical issues and Alana Loreto and Theresa Marks who will assist me with the refurbishing issues. I am grateful to these parishioners for sharing their time and talent for this project.
As a result of all that is happening, the hall is closed to all parishioners. Please do not enter the basement at any time. If there is an urgent reason that you need access to the hall please contact me in advance, but do not enter on your own.
Thankfully, our insurance company will cover most of the costs associated with the clean-up and restoration work. We will be responsible for the deducible ($2500.00), the plumbing and boiler work, and any “upgrades” not covered by insurance. In addition, we will also be installing an electrical heater, in the hallway by the bathrooms, to address the cold temperature in that area during winter time. 
I am grateful to those who contribute monthly to our Improvement Fund (the yellow envelope in your offering box.) These donations will assist us to cover these unexpected costs. If you would like to make a special donation to help offset this project please feel free to do so. Your continued generosity and support is much appreciated.
If you have any questions or concerns about the flood or restoration work, please do not hesitate to contact me and I’d be happy to discuss it with you.
Fr. John